The 2017 Access to Vaccines Index has mapped how vaccine companies are responding to global calls to improve immunisation coverage. The companies approach access to vaccines in differing ways, which are generally linked to their diverse pipelines, portfolios, revenues and sales.

The Index has carried out two analyses that cut across the three Research Areas covered by the Index. The first of these cross-cutting analyses looks at how companies are deploying the first malaria and dengue vaccines; the second maps company efforts to tackle emerging infectious diseases such as the Ebolavirus and Zika virus.

Protecting Global Health Security From The Threat Of Emerging Infectious Diseases: Are Vaccine Companies Doing Enough?

Protecting global health security from the threat of emerging infectious diseases: are vaccine companies doing enough?

Emerging Infectious Diseases pose a threat to the health security of all nations, regardless of where an infection first emerges. Several major outbreaks in recent years underscore this point. This section examines protecting global health security from the threat of emerging infectious diseases and if are vaccine companies doing enough.
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The World’s First Dengue And Malaria Vaccines: What Can We Learn About Access?

The world’s first dengue and malaria vaccines: what can we learn about access?

The Access to Vaccines Index has examined the different approaches that Sanofi and GSK have taken to developing dengue and malaria vaccines and to making them accessible, as well as R&D data from all eight companies in the scope of the Index.
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