UNICEF covers the upcoming Access to Vaccines Index

Access to Vaccines Index

Margot de Graaff from the UNICEF Netherlands magazine interviews Jayasree K Iyer and Suzanne Wolf regarding the pharmaceutical industry, the Access to Medicines Index and the upcoming Access to Vaccines Index

The interview in Dutch highlights the work done by the Access to Medicine Foundation. It touches upon the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry and how naming and shaming does not work. In the interview, Jayasree and Suzanne also talk about the need for the Access to Vaccines Index, the organisations consulted during the methodology development (UNICEF, GAVI, etc…)

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About the Access to Vaccines Index

The 2017 Access to Vaccines Index will provide an initial baseline of industry activity regarding access to vaccines. It will examine where and how companies are already taking action, and bring good practices to the attention of other companies and stakeholders working in the vaccines space. These organisations will be able to use the Index to inform priorities and strategies, and to clarify where new incentives are needed to spur greater positive change. During 2016, the Foundation’s research team will analyse the data captured by the first Access to Vaccines Index, which will be published early in 2017. The Access to Vaccines Index is funded by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.

About the Access to Medicine Foundation

The Access to Medicine Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. It aims to advance access to medicine in low- and middle-income countries by stimulating and guiding the pharmaceutical industry to play a greater role in improving access to medicine. The Foundation is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UK Department for International Development. For ten years, the Foundation has been building consensus on the role for the pharmaceutical industry in improving access to medicine and vaccines. It published its first benchmark of industry activity in this area in 2008, in the first Access to Medicine Index. The fifth Access to Medicine Index will be published in 2016.